Those Services are done by Vivita only!

Vivita's Specialty

Vivita's Combination Massage  60 min $60

Vivita's Combination Massage  75 min $70

Vivita's Combination Massage  90 min $80

Vivita's Holistic Facial  60 min $70

Vivita's Acne Facial 75 min $85

Vivita's AntiAging Facial 90 min $100

Vivita's Custom Super Facial 120 min $150

The Customize Face Treatments

The Science of Peel

The Natural Face Lift Therapy ​​ from 3 to 12 Treatments
The Art of Eyebrows (3 months minimum)

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​ ​Vivita Spa founder Vivita Khoshaba is a Holistic Health Practitioner, Aromatherapist & Medical Esthetician who Combined only the highest quality therapeutic ingredients with active plant ingredients for naturally effective results. Our Holistic Estheticians customize a unique facial experience for your individual skin that is made by Vivita. Also our famous treatments Fassage that Vivita customized to enjoy affordable indulgent day spa so allows everyone to enjoy pampering.