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The Spa has Two Service Models:

Vivita's Specialized Practice: Specialized Holistic Skin Care Treatments, done by Vivita herself


Vivita's Spa Deals: Indulge yourself with affordable prices, done by Vivita's Own Specially Trained Team


Those Services are done by Vivita only!

Vivita's Specialty

Vivita's Combination Massage  60 min $60

Vivita's Combination Massage  75 min $70

Vivita's Combination Massage  90 min $80

Vivita's Holistic Facial  60 min $70

Vivita's Acne Facial 75 min $85

Vivita's AntiAging Facial 90 min $100

Vivita's Super Facial 120 min $150

The Customize Face Treatments

The Science of Peel

The Natural Face Lift Therapy ​​ from 3 to 12 Treatments
The Art of Eyebrows (3 months minimum)

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 In a short span of 2 years, Vivita accomplished getting her many Diploma's in Skin Care field and Holistic treatments. 

 Vivita further streamlined her focus, passion and determination in her studies --- starting her Vivita's business in 2013 from her home. In October 2014 - May 2016, Vivta established a clinic in the Downtown Toronto area at Mirvish Village. In June 2016 Vivita expand in Bloor Stree with her new and bigger clinic. 

 Recently, Vivita Spa has begun to produce their own skin-care products and remedies, which has received tremendous feed-back and complements, from the company's various case-studies.