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i went to Vivita spa in the first time!! The loaction was good and a staff is awesome!! I really relaxed.Thank you.
Haruna Y. · August 31, 2016

The people were incredibly nice, and the facility was clean and well appointed. I would recommend their services to others, especially because the location was convenient and easy to find.
Annemieke W. · August 25, 2016

Amazing quality treatment!
Sussi D. · July 18, 2016

"Vivita gives the best facials and massages! Thank you!!"

Sharon H.



"Loved my massage & facial. A luxurious experience. Very professional. The transition from massage to facial was seamless. All done on the very comfortable massage bed (not table) as they are wider than a normal massage table. Soothing music and soft lighting add to your comfort for relaxation. I will definitely be visiting again."

Inga R.

"I' d definitely go back to Vivita, she gives a wonderful massage and facial."

​Nancy F.

"A first class massage & fantastic facial. Vivita has a very relaxing set-up with tranquil music, beautiful scents, & a very comfortable massage table. I've already booked my second appointment and will be bringing my mother-in-law soon for a treatment as well. Highly recommended!"

sandy s.

"Such a wonderful experience! Relaxing and rejuvenating. Best value ever. Highly recommend"

​Jennifer M.

"friendly, cozy, but most importantly they are skilled at their techniques!"

​sussi d.

"a little hard place to find, but Vivita is super nice and friendly I had a 60 mins massage and 60 mins facial She actually told me the facial finished earlier than an hour, which i found was very honest of her Red door, few steps up Free parking on the side, just in front of the 2 parking garage"

Jlou E.

"Really good massage Nice atmosphere"


"Excellent massage and good facial I was late and the staff was really nice about it Very nice room, really comfortable massage bed"

​Vera V.

"Amazing amazing service! Highly recommended!!"

​Michelle H.

"forget about all the worries and just enjoy the massage Very relaxing"

​Lobsang C.

"Great service!"

Holly D.

"Pretty good deal but the massage and facial was really average, nothing special"

Tiffany C.

"Great service Had an amazing massage and facial Highly recommend!"

Domenica G.

"Great service!"

Arushi A.

"Conveniently located to the TTC by subway or streetcar I really enjoyed my 2 hour package The place is small but clean and relaxing The headrest on the massage table was super plush and the scented oils were a nice bonus I would highly recommend this spa!"

​Elana D.

"Vivita is awesome! I came to her spa for a facial and massage and I felt relaxed and pampered. 
Vivita takes great care to provide exceptional service. The ambiance of her treatment room is inviting and serene, with candles and low lighting. Highly recommended!"

Alison S.

"Visited Vivita spa on Friday night and it was the best spa experience I've ever had. 
Vivita is a very knowledgeable individual when it comes to the muscles and how they work. She is able to make you feel 100% relaxed while easing the pain at the same time. 
The massage itself was excellent and not rushed at all. Amazing scalp massage along with a foot massage and hot towel treatment. 
The facial was very well done. Choice between a relaxing facial or a cleansing facial with steam and extractions. My face has cleared up 90% since I've been there which is a huge improvement. 
I would recommend this spa to anyone who is looking for quality treatments for a reasonable price. Vivita makes you feel right at home and will make sure you are completely satisfied. 
Thank you again vivita!!!! I will be back next month."

Cheryl K.

"I plan to return here soon - the service was wonderful and it's a really relaxing setting. Overall it's a bit more rustic looking than some spas, but the plus side of that is low key, no pressure ambience. The massage and facial were both excellent - I was expecting to leave looking a bit red from the extractions, but the oatmeal/honey mask added at the end did wonders for my skin. I will definitely come back! One thing to note: Vivita took extra time with my appointment to ensure we were not rushed, but it was a quick turnaround to the next appointment."
Janna S.

"Vivita spa is the best! I went here originally with a Groupon, but I have been going back ever since. Vivita goes ABOVE and BEYOND to take care of her clients, and you can tell she really loves what she does. My skin looks and feels amazing, and it's all thanks to her "super facial"! She takes so much time with my skin, and even stayed late to get my skin perfect before my wedding. I really appreciate how much she cares about her clients!"
Heather B.

"Bought a Groupon for me and a friend, massage + facial. It was amazing. So relaxing from beginning to end. No doubt I'm booking again with them.
Facial you have two options: cleaning and relaxing. She's very keen on convincing you to do the relaxing, even though my friend wanted cleaning. But she did it anyways to my friend and she was very happy afterwards. I continued with the relaxing facial. 
I promise I will return!"

"Just want to say that you'll never encounter someone that cares so much about her customers, like Vivita."

Maida C.

"Great place, amazing massages and facials, and a very friendly owner/esthetician. Vivita is incredibly nice and understanding (I had to cancel on her a few hours before an appointment and she was very gracious about it) and she makes you feel very welcome and relaxed. I had a wonderful experience and will be back for sure. Did I also mention that her prices are really affordable? Try this place out, you won't regret it."

Roxy A.

"Perfect service, had a wonderful relaxing time Thank you!"


"Well worth the visit Massage was exceptional and therapist and owner were very professional and pleasant Massage table more comfortable than most and music and aroma oil very soothing on the senses Room temperature was perfect as well"

Mary L.

"be prepared to be relaxed"

"Amazing experience - can't go wrong!"


"I liked the location, very clean and easy to get to Staff was very friendly and I felt very comfortable"

Alexandra C.

"For massage make sure you don't style your hair prior to going in. She devotes a lot of time to a fantastic head massage"

Emilia P.

"Don't do your hair prior to massage she'll will spend lots of time on an amazing head massage"

Emilia P.

"Had another great massage and facial with Vivita a month or so ago, and I got an amazing face cream from her that she made! My face is loving it. Can't wait for my next appointment. Thanks Vivita!!!"

Patricia T

"Go and enjoy! It was a fantastic experience."
June 28, 2015

"Wow, small spa made the experience more personal."


"it was hassle to get an appointment but it was worth waiting, I was completely rejuvenate..."


"So, despite living close to Vivita Spa, I hadn't heard of it until I saw a deal on Groupon ($75 for a one hour massage AND a one hour facial). I was WAAAY overdue for some pampering. Now we all know that there are a lot of... well...not so great businesses on Groupon, so I did my due dilligence. I read a bunch of reviews and decided that this sounded like the place for me. I called and left a voicemail, Vivita called me back that same day, super professional and friendly. We booked my appointment (within just a few days of my calling) and I was good to go. I arrived (it's a red door, the building is shared by two therapists as well as Vivita Spa), rang the labelled doorbell and Vivita came down, calm and smiling to welcome me in (note: I did ask later to make sure there was no one else there, and she said that she leaves half an hour between appointments so that there isn't any interruption for the client). We went up a set of stairs, past a nice seating area, into the spa room. The second I walked in, my stress level decreased and I felt relaxed already! You enter and are enveloped by the soothing smells of essential oils, a (cute) little humidifier going, calming music, soft lighting - da bomb! The room has soft lighting, a sink two massage tables (couples massage anyone?) a comfortable bench to sit on etc. There's a bathroom right next door to the room. Vivita offered me some water or tea and we sat down, I filled out the forms she gave me, we chatted and then she left the room so I could tear my clothes off (I don't waste time when it comes to this kind of stuff) and hop up onto the massage table. Vivita could not have made me feel more comfortable. She was kind and helpful, willing to talk when I wanted or just be quiet when I wanted to zone out. First I had the massage, and then (bonus!) you can stay on the massage table for the facial - hell yeah! So, after cleansing and doing lots of soothing things to my face (all sorts of pleasant, soothing things, I didn't ask, didn't care at this point because I was so relaxed), she warned me that she would be putting on the bright (tell all) light onto my face. She did the steam and extractions and then massaged in a bunch of soothing after lotions/moisturizers etc. Vivita makes her own skin potions and will happily explain to you what is in them. She went way over time and I left there feeling relaxed, cared for and pampered. It was a great experience and I will definitely go back!"

Barbara May 19th 2015

"Very good massage. Excellent attention to detail with the facial. No pressure to buy products. Nice place."
April 27, 2015

"I was really pampered at Vivita Spa."
April 16, 2015

"I had a great experience at Vivita spa. She provided a very relaxing environment and treatment - I felt really refreshed after an hour massage and hour facial. Vivita provided a quality service and went above my expectations, keeping true to the treatment duration promised on the Groupon (unlike other Groupon spas I've been to who cut down the massage time by 50%). I would definitely be back next time I want to have a spa experience. Thank you!"
April 09, 2015
"Great experience!"
March 23, 2015

"Very humble setting but excellent service"
February 20, 2015

"Call to confirm address details as the street numbers are a bit confusing. You'll be happy you did as you wouldn't want to miss a moment of this blissful massage and facial. So delighted!"
February 18, 2015
"Vivita is amazing. Verry friendly and attentive. Diffidently going back"
February 11, 2015

"They were just great! Amazing massage and facial. Very satisfied"
January 19, 2015

"One of the best and most relaxing facials I've had in Toronto."
January 17, 2015

"Vivita Spa offers top notch service without breaking the bank! It was a great experience with a full 2-hour pampering by one of the staff members, I thoroughly enjoyed their attentiveness and patience and customized care to clients!"
January 03, 2015

"Vivita provided the most thorough and enjoyable massage and facial treatment I have ever received. She is very knowledgable and is excellent at anticipating the clients needs. I will return to Vivita as often as I can! Joanne"
December 11, 2014
"My facial and massage were simply amazing! :)"
December 04, 2014
"Fun, easy, great deals!"
November 17, 2014

"Vivita is a wonderful lady!"
November 15, 2014

"Great service. Friendly atmosphere. I'm definitely going back."
November 11, 2014

she is so amazing! you should try it!
November 08, 2014

"Absolutely amazing!! Vivita is so lovely and knowledgeable. I am a massage groupon junkie..but think I just found my Holy Grail and no need to keep wandering. Can't wait to go back!"
November 06, 2014
"A delightful experience...! Highly recommended.."
November 05, 2014

"Vivita was excellent and paid close attention to every detail to make sure I was comfortable. I paid extra for a deep tissue massage and it was excellent!"
October 30, 2014
"Just what I needed! Felt relaxed and reenergised. Great service, very friendly and welcoming. Will be going back again"

​"The spa has a very professional & relaxed atmosphere....The skin care specialist was very informative and had a great massage technique. Also, I received the best treatment, ever. I highly recommend Vivita Spa."

​"Just had my third visit at Vivita Spa yesterday....and booked to come back again for my fourth!!  Vivita is so lovely...and attentive.  Excellent service and a truly special experience every time.  Love the new location too."

Karen W

"Had my facial with Vivita yesterday. Immediately when entering the spa, its very comfortable, cosy and relaxing especially once smelling the excellent aroma created by specially customized oils blen.
I 've had facials at multiple places before, and I can honestly say that this is the best I've found. I think the difference here is that Vivita is very professional that specialize in facials, and really understand skin.
She has a very good touch, and the products are all gentle that felt and smelled really nice.
Her main focus was for me to have a great spa facial experience and she never pushed any products on me unlike in other places.
The facial was for an hour and she used every minute to provide an above standard."
​Ela - Toronto, Ontario

"The facial was by far one of the best I've had - Vivita was excellent and she took special care since I tend to have sensitive skin. Normally when I leave a facial I have to put on a ball cap and sunglasses to avoid awkward glances at my blotchy face, but after leaving the spa my skin flet like velvet and it wasn't a bit red! I felt so great. it feels very indulgent but I am very excited to have found my facial place!"
Sara - Toronto, Ontario

"Thank you again for today! You are truly gifted! I love coming to see you and I always leave feeling refreshed."
"Vivita is a truly gifted aesthetician. I have been to many high end spas and not been able to achieve the same results with my skin that I have with Vivita. She assesses your skin and devises a customized treatment protocol to ensure that you meet your skin goals. She has a very relaxing treatment space and always ensures that her clients are well cared for and comfortable. I would highly recommend her services."
Stephanie - Mississauga, Ontario

"Vivita, Thank you so much for helping me to regain sanity, you are amazing!"
Suzan - Downtown Toronto, Ontario

​"Agreed with everything - The Reflexology was very relaxing! I recommend trying it out. Thanks Vivita"
Karen - Downtown Toronto, Ontario

"I'm still stumped to think of a more relaxing hour of my life than the reflexology treatment I had with Vivita. Absolutely worth giving a try!!!"
Cammy - Downtown Toronto, Ontario

"Thank you again for giving me the treatment on Monday.  I really appreciated it!You provided a space that made me feel comfortable. Thank you for the cookies and the tea!  I felt very relaxed during and after the treatment.  Your touch was very gentle - maybe more pressure is what I should have suggested but I know that I did not have any specific conditions to treat.  However, I felt that you were able to give various parts of my body - from my head to my feet - ample attention which made the experience feel whole.The smell of the mixtures of oil you used were soothing.  I would be interested to see what other mixtures may do for me.I also appreciated you taking the time to share information about the oils with me.  It is important to take time with your clients which you did. Thanks."
Aimee - Mississauga, Ontario

"I really felt better that day, so relaxed even I had work to do but then I went home I slept better than usual. the next hour I asked her if she can give my husband massage then my mother. we became our entire family going regularly to her place"
Alison - (High Park) - West Toronto, Ontario

"My Knee was hurting me all the time, when I had massage with Vivita, using essential oil, my Knee was much better, and my stress level went down, surprisingly I was very open to my emotions."
​Anita - Toronto, Ontario

"First time I met Vivita was in elevator, and I didn't know she live in the same building, then I felt randomly comfortable to tell her how tired and my knees, neck, back and legs hurting me, then she smiles walking outside together from the elevator, said I can help you, I booked with her my very first Massage ever, and I must say was healing, and I was amazed of the remedies she provide me cream for my knee, which is until now I still use the jar of cream, and my knee stop bothering me before. Vivita she is not only know how to massage but she has heart and that count to me a lot. I really thank you and I can't wait for my mother to come from back home and send her to Vivita."
Homera - City Place Toronto, Ontario

"I felt much better the next day and quite relaxed. I enjoyed the treatment, even I had very bad cold. That cream that you were so kind to make for me really has been helping as well.I have started taking oil of oregano and it seems to be helping. I heard it would boost my immune system. Thanks for the advice."
Gina - Mississauga, Ontario

​"Vivita, I slept more than usual that day, you really helped my energy to come down. thanks"
Iaan - South Etobicoke, Lakeshore, Ontario

"The day I had treatment with Vivita, I was really stress full with my situation, (family issue). I had really headache after the treatment. but the oil Vivita made for me suppose to open up my motion and feeling, and was customized according to my condition. I really felt talking about my problem with my family and solve the problem, the headache was gone. I felt centered and focus."
Jennifer - South Etobicoke, Lakeshore, Ontario

​"My muscles, better, faster, energetic, and I slept like baby."
Katley - Etobicoke, Ontario

"I love Vivita treatment, even though I have a massage therapist who covered by my insurance, I still go to Vivita from time to time, and every time my husband ask me what gift I get you, I tell him Vivita's massage, I am not exaggerate, because of Vivita ask me to write feedback, but it is true, I don't know, the room, the energy, music, essential oil, everything what I need. the only part I am not happy is, when my treatment is finished, I said, oh no Vivita can sleep here, and she laugh and say sure. I just love everything in that little corner. it made with love."
Kate - Downtown Toronto, Ontario

"Vivita opened my massage virginity, I really love it, I don't maybe because I never had massage, but I really felt her energy going through, and I am part native, and I believe in energy flow and good spirit, and I know this women have the healing hand."
Kim - Mississauga, Ontario

"I want to buy condo beside Vivita's building, that what I said from my first treatments, I really felt bad buying condo on Lakeshore and Parklawn I wish I went a little bit more east more to City Place area. but I still take TTC to see Vivita, and she is so generous by giving me free oils, some how I feel unsecured when my oil finish and she smiles and she more for the next session."
Margret - South Etobicoke, Lakeshore, Ontario

​"I felt really energetic, very social, and never mood change, I was wondering if the oil that Vivita made have really effect me as she said. I was extremely outdoor a lot of shopping, that was not good for my pocket but I was very very happy even by spending time, magic V. Thank you and looking foreword to have the Facial treatments with you."
Najlaa - Scarborough, Ontario

"I really felt sore the next day, maybe because I didn't take Epsom salt as Vivita told me. however, I was not very impress by the lymphatic massage, it is very relaxing but nothing for the muscles...but one thing i noticed Vivita was connecting to me though Chakra, and I start asking her automatically if she is seeing images, first she said she never done Chakra but yes, she was seeing images when she was doing my abdomen and she told me exactly what was in my mind, I was shocked when she said she never done this before, but yet she could'v read my mind. however, I start going to vivita's treatment travailing all the way from Burlington to Toronto, because I felt very connected to her. I love your work Vivita, keep it up."
Niki - Burlington, Ontario

"I am an Esthetician and body work myself from Hungary, I went to Vivita hoping someone will give me treatment as I do, I heard about her from friends. I was surprised, the way she use sheets and covers very professional, not even my massage therapist did that to me. however, this was after heavy consultation and talking together, then she looked my hair and made me remedy for my dandruff, the massage was so relaxing and safe, she got the touch. the next day I had problem with my boyfriend, and I never go back and apologize, but I did and Vivita told me with these oils your motion will change and you will be more confident and opened for your feeling. I have been longer than her in this industry but I felt she is more experts, when she asked me if she can come to my place and i give her treatment I was really shy and afraid that she will judge me, but i felt not good as her, but yet when she came to my place, she was very happy and asked my question and never have ego. I love Vivita as person, thank you and I don't mind anytime she ask me for reviews, she is so generous make you shy or can't say no to her. I never had successful relationship with my boyfriend after the oil with no kidding I moved in with my boyfriend and I am so happy right now, keeping up the essential oil with as Vivita advised me."
Nora - Richmond Hill, Ontario

​"It was a wonderful experience.. looking forward to repeat it."
Shireen - Mississauga, Ontario

"I have been having treatment with Vivita from Lymphatic massage, Aromatherapy Massage to Reflexology, and I can't describe how I feel when I come to Vivita's place, I love it, so relaxing and I always tell her that she got the hand and the energy. I always feel different the next day, sleep better, more energetic, and so on and so on, I can't describe it, but one thing I have to warn you, once you go there you don't want to get up from that bed, some magnetic in the bed that I made stay and I always tell her can i stay, and she answer this is everyone is wish, that's why Vivita she care she leave 30 minute before the treatment and 30 minute after the treatment to express our self, I think that is her secret, it is not like massage therapist by minute and that's it. Vivita may say one hour but you may stay around 90 minute, or more getting up preparing and talking and advising, tips, all that she carry it to me before i got, I feel i had really expensive treatment. and i think that is her secret, she keep all the time tea, nuts, cookies and let the clients chat with her and this way she listen to all thier details...love it, wish all the doctors or massage therapist do this. thanks Vivita. I will always drive long way to see you."
Stephanie - North York, Ontario

​"I was more melon and calm, after the treatment, which is unusual to me."
Thalia - Danforth, Toronto, Ontario

"When I went to Vivita I didn't have any pain, just friend of mine and she open her business and i want to help her out. she try to ask me no condition what so ever, but in the end I told her about my sleeping routine, that i can hardly get enough hours, but didn't bother me because i set on computer a lot, then she mix oil to me and massage me, the next day i slept a lot and i was so relaxed."
Victor - Toronto, Ontario

"I had reflexology with Vivita, I felt like my mother talking to me, she so kind and soft, I was referred by friend, and I felt so relaxed and i can't wait to get more treatments."
Vanessa - North York, Ontario

​Your complete satisfaction is our singular focus.
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