this wonderful eyes and face serum

all you need few drops to achinve the even tone skin

Super Serum for eyes and face


    Vivita Spa peacfull, smaller environmental, personal and cozy in west downtown, at Annex. Vivita's Team is Trained & specializing with Massage and Facial & Holistic Skin Care

    by our handmade products by Vivita and her holistic esthtician will provide you the care you need for daily skin care.

    it is in vibrant location old Mirvish Village beside old Honest Ed, Bathrust and Bloor, Palmerston, Korean Town, Christie and Bloor, and Downtown Toronto.

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    Our Clinic by Appointment only

    Hours Of Operation

    Tuesday - Saturday   11 am - 7 pm

     Monday & Sunday Closed

    Tell: (647) 716-8386 (Vevo)

     Uppon Request

    Sundays & Saturated Holidays

    Tell: (647) 716-8386 (Vevo)

    Our Apothecary Retail

    Hours Of Operation

    for now only by appointment we are working on our walk in soon

    Tell: (647) 716-8386 (Vevo)

    OUR PHILOSOPHY​ "Beauty is how you feel inside, and it reflects in your eyes. It's not something physical" - SOPHIA LOREN

    All Rights Reserved to Vivita Inc. 2018.